The need to use the keyboard just to add the question mark and confirm a sentence seemed like an unnecessary distraction. To make the interaction with more fluid while maintaining concentration on the voice it was necessary to add what was missing: the final punctuation!

What it does

This solution simplifies the interaction with the voice interface by minimizing the need to access the keyboard.

How I built it

I made this simple solution with css, javascript and a few lines of html so that I can implement the idea without complications.

Challenges I ran into

I tried to simplify as much as possible and went through several solutions, but I was guided by the simplicity of use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am particularly pleased with the interaction improvement I have achieved on the artificial intelligence interface I am working on:

What I learned

I have agreed that trying to do things the simple way can give a lot of satisfaction especially if the benefit is greater than the apparent simplicity of the solution.


Since it will be difficult to simplify further I would like to spread the idea of expression buttons as much as possible.

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