More than 300 million people in the world suffer from depression and more than half do not have access to adequate treatment due to the economic costs.

What it does

Our goal is to provide you with an easy access tool where you can find circle of people with whom to express yourself about what they like most and in that way to get out of depression.

How we built it

We create and implement a bot on our Facebook Express Yourself page, which asks the person for information about their specific tastes and based on that, the bot searches through Facebook for groups where people share those same tastes and interests, and Send the link to the user so he can enter and be part of the community.

Challenges we ran into

We believe that the facebook API for groups should be much more complete, so that we can find or search groups by topics of interest, filter by tastes, countries or languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to be able to take people who do not have resources, a tool that allows them to improve or overcome their problems in a way that they have fun and share about what they like most.

What we learned

We learned that communities on Facebook can generate great changes and impacts on society. What we must do as developers, is to seek to implement these resources in a way that helps people overcome the problems that affect us every day.

What's next for Express Yourself

We dream of being able to get this tool to all the people who suffer some kind of depression in the world, so they know that they are not alone and there are many people who share their same tastes.

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