Earn's SaverLife helps 100,000 users get into an habit of saving. Households with just $250 - $749 in savings are less likely to be evicted, miss a housing or utilities payment and receive public benefits. What makes this problem very challenge is that it involves changing human behavior. However, this is important problem for our society to solve if we wish to alleviate poverty and situation that force people to become homeless.

What it does

Express Scratch lets NGOs quickly design fun and engaging contest along with quick automated rewards distribution to the winner.

How we built it

We use Express Node JS framework to build out the solution. We have hosted our solution on Heroku cloud and use to store our mongo DB. We integrated with Paypal for payment and Gyft to auto generate digital gift cards in real time.

Challenges we ran into

How to distribute the winners uniformly across the time period of the contest? How to build capabilities to fight fraud and abuse? What options can we provide for winners to redeem their reward? Paypal payout api documentation appears to be out of date. Thanks Vishal (from Paypal) for helping us out!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team was formed at the hackathon and worked well together. Everyone contributed ideas and code. After 80 commits on github over a span of 12 hours, we have a production ready product that works!

What we learned

We learnt a lot about the payment and digital rewards which no one on the team has ever worked on before. We learned about the important of financial planning and challenges that users face.

What's next for Express Scratch

We wish to continue to build and polish this product and reach out to other NPOs and business who would like to use it.

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