We heavily relies on AT public transport service everyday and quite frequently we experiences varieties services issues. Bus did not arrive on time, reckless driving, refusing customers on the board etc. Different time and different people are seeking the way of providing the feedback with their experiences, expressing their complaints and feelings. However, the current feedback channel is not quite efficient, most of the time, no response. We built such application called: Express Rate, tries to short the gap between the customer and service provider to improve the service of AT public transport.

For service provider, we also provides the monitoring map tools for displaying current rating statistics result, feedback live data, location details and service information.

Express rate also comes with one cool feature called: Emergency Touch for passengers emergency ping when they are travelling with AT public transport. For example, serious crime occurs on the bus, passengers can touch the emergency button silently and the data will send to the service provider directly.

There are following key features of this application:

  • Mobile express rating function for rating the AT public transport service
  • Live monitoring feedbacks on the map with location details and statistics
  • Emergency touch, for example, SOS signals with current location details and transport information
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