We wanted to make an application that could help, not only people coming to doctors offices and hospitals, but the clinics themselves with paperwork that is done every year. We wanted to make it so anyone walking into any office could pull open the Express Health App, and have a QR code that is able to be scanned by the office.

What it does

The QR code would give information that the majority of medical paperwork has a person fill out. Some of the categories on the app are health (personal and family), health insurance group and number, name, address, and state. This is a huge time saver for both patients and offices. Every year there is always the come in 15 minutes early so you can fill out paperwork. This will also help for anyone coming into an emergency room to be able to pull out the app and have it scanned to let the doctor know health history. This is especially helpful for people that have been admitted into a hospital that has none of their records or information on file on file.

How we built it

Used android studio to build the front end and make all the transitions for the application. We connected with the server using volley within java classes in android studio. We used POST to push all of our data to the server from each file made, and also for each user and password given when making an account. An account is needed to be able to get a QR code that is generated from the server side data and eventually added to the database. Our server is made up of three parts spring boot, hibernate, and JDBC commands. We have an entity class that houses all of the user information and is then handled by our class controller which gives the front end access to certain methods. These methods are connected to our repository that will make calls to our mysql sever. Our hibernate sessions had some serious issues we could not fix, so we decided to use JDBC commands on the fly to query our database for user information.The sever houses our database which will be used to store all user information. We then created a maven build to get a jar file that will run on our remote server.

Challenges we ran into

At first when trying to set up a basic spring hibernate project, our sessions were not cooperating and we ended up having to use JDBC commands, to make requests to the database. We had a lot of trouble trying to generate a QR code on the back-end and when it finally worked, it caused issues with the pom.xml file. These issues set back creating a run-able jar for out remote server, and slowed out testing of the front end. For the front-end we had a lot of issues with android studio. Half way through our build android studio updated itself and it messed up all of our files. We looked into that for a good 3 hours. We had some issues connecting to the server after getting everything up on the server. There was a lot of issues with the file form, where it was crashing the application. That was another problem with android, for some odd reason after making a new class and copying code over, the file page worked and did not crash anymore. There was some volley issues on one of our laptops as well where it was throwing errors, but would run correctly. We also did run into the issue of the front-end and back-end having different ideas on what we were doing for the QR code, and handling it, but that was quickly fixed with us all talking about and drawing out what we wanted and what was needed from each side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the application looking nice, and having it start to function the way we wanted. The back-end has everything working and is storing what we are passing to it.

What we learned

We learned more about android studio and all of its complications. We learned more about QR codes as well and how they are generated, both ends tried to work on getting the QR code to work correctly. Communication is key in major projects that have very limited time.

What's next for Express Health

We would like to get our application fully functional, and if possible have it be incorporated someday into the healthcare system, that would be something amazing to see.

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