Privacy has come to a controversial forefront, as sometimes our digital presence divulges more than we know about ourselves. Exposed, a Chrome extension, helps users keep track of who knows what about them.

We believe that online privacy is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge to tackle as the world becomes more and more digital. By keeping track of where users' information has been on the Internet, we hope to give users more control over their online footprint and encourage them to reflect on their online privacy.

What it does

Any time you submit your email, phone number, home address, or credit card information, Exposed will ask if you want to store the information in Exposed. If you say yes, the extension will automatically make a record of what information you have given that site. It does not store the information itself, only that you have given them certain data, and is stored locally on the user’s machine. By doing this, we want to minimize our footprint on Exposed users :)

On the extension itself, you can sort by name, email, phone, address, or payment info. We also have an option for filtering by each type of info in the works!

What we used + challenges we encountered

We used a combo of plain JS, React, and Material UI. This was the first time any of us built a Chrome extension and we ran into challenges with integration and security, but we managed to pull through!

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