Thor Sigurdsson, Founder and CEO of Expluria, has been involved in the Icelandic travel industry for several years. When picking up tourists as driver/guide during his own tours in large busses and smaller, private tours. He saw the issue that lack of real-time information to travellers does cause here in Iceland.

What it does

Expluria solution brings real-time information to travellers, helping them find vehicles, send and receive notifications, change tours, and perform other actions solved today by significant manual work and inefficient communication channels. We are enhancing the post-booking experience for travellers

Along with frequent cancellations, rebooking and reactions to other problems, this situation leads to an enormous amount of inefficient, repetitive work, including email and phone-based communication. This produces enormous waste in the value stream and is a leading cause of the negative (1-2 star) reviews received by tour operators, both of which Expluria can reduce in a measurable and rewarding way.

How I built it

It is built with the support of Amazon AWS web-services, both apps are built with react native, connect multiple API, Google Maps, and other vendors. Both the apps have been developed and are ready for Android and Apple

Challenges I ran into

API connection and getting the correct information with select content and push notification in both apps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having one powerful Web Portal, and two react-native apps in beta.

What I learned

When you are developing a complex solution like this, that require connection to multiple sources, the time it can take is more than you usually expect.

What's next for Expluria?

As we have now our MVP out, next step is to get customers and feedback from them, as well as prepare overseas marketing and entrance for Expluria customers.

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