We noticed an increasing trend of people going back to reading physical books. There isn't any application that will allow us to exchange our publications and connect with other readers at the same time. We thought it was a good idea to help people and build a useful application for them.

What it does

Explr is a platform for all book lovers! It's a place where you can borrow or lend some publications. The recommendation system helps us recognize the best positions for you based on your interests. What's more, the application connects the users with other readers nearby, so you can also make some good friendships!

How we built it

Technologies on the frontend - Flutter, Figma Technologies on the backend - Node.js, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Firebase Technologies used for machine learning - Python, Tensorflow, pandas, matplot

Challenges we ran into

There were some days when nothing was going in our way. But after all, we've faced all the issues, and we're ready to grow our application even more!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our application has a beautiful UI with many useful features, such as Book Recommendation System, Book Marketplace, Personal Library, and much more!

What we learned

We've seen a significant improvement in our programming skills so far. We're constantly learning new things and adapting the latest coding techniques.

What's next for Explr

We have some plans for the future of our application. We'll be leaning towards combining book exchange marketplace and social media features. Everything that book lovers are fascinated about :]

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