The idea originated from the countless notifications on Outlook from the ‘student forums’ every morning and their inability to provide students with complete and immediate answers. To back up our hypothesis, we firstly conducted qualitative interviews with 10 students, which helped us to construct a form for primary quantitive research, where over a 100 students responded proving a 95% confidence level, supporting the initial statement. As a result of the answers, which highlighted the problem of Moodle’s inability to navigate easily and get appropriate responses, we have thought of creating an ML search tool, which combines all of the materials from the lectures, written notes, previous questions and provides the student with the most ‘matched find’ to his query. This solution would erase the problems of long response time of the professors and the fear of asking a question on the public forum, where the fellow classmates might judge you on the ‘silliness’ of your question. However, as the planning went on, we understood that some questions might not have a direct answer on the resources provided by the department. So as a mitigation strategy, we would suggest developing a user-friendly chat function in the future with the professor, which, over time, will accumulate everyones’ answers on the unified platform and be more relevant to more and more students.

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