Extended Reality (XR) Next on our big rundown of IT buzzwords for 2021 is extended reality (XR). The likes of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have made significant waves in the past five years, changing the way we live both personally and professionally. Now, it’s time to embrace a whole new virtual realm.

Extended reality (XR) is one of the most impactful computer science buzzwords you’ll encounter in 2021. Its practical potential is enormous, particularly when you consider our current global situation. COVID-19 has placed us into a state of mass isolation, accelerating the value of remote communication and virtual experiences.

XR utilizes the best elements of AR and VR, using headsets and specialist tools or equipment to simulate face-to-face interaction for indefinite periods of time. The other reason that XR is so powerful is that it will empower people to conduct experiments, provide services, and perform testing in a safe, secure environment from anywhere on the planet.

One of the use cases of XR comes in the form of eye tests. Using XR innovations, opticians can conduct eye tests virtually, with high-definition cameras offering a clearly defined image of the patient's eye. This is an AR tool that empowers the patient to browse the selection of glasses based on their preferences and try them on virtually without having to leave their home.

As XR continues to evolve and gain momentum, its capabilities will become all the more limitless, creating sophisticated virtual environments that solve complex problems and serve an endless range of human needs on a grand scale.

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