Artificial Intelligence has been the Buzzword for quite a few years. I took this opportunity to read several articles about it and come across the difference between AI ML and Deep learning, which now I know is fine but its huge!

How I built it

I didn't really build anything but pretty soon would release a blogpost or something similar to share my findings with others like me, I do need to study more and thoroughly before writing it considering how deep and advanced the topic is.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't run into any challenges, several reading material was easily available and was well written.

What I learned

I have learned a lot about AI, firstly how its not a magical wizard that sits inside the computer doing all that, but how precise answers are given through operations of mathematical equations. I learned a lot about the applications of AI and how it is useful in fields like Medicine, Technology, General society etc.

What's next for Exploring AI

I want to learn more, spend more time exploring AI a little deeper and then bog about my views, findings and hopefully indulge in a project or two!

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