The social media newsfeed, known for viewing the flawless lives of our peers, has no shortage of gorgeous vacation and travel photos. We want to travel to these exotic places and explore the world. We want to visit the museums of Paris, the mountains of Nepal, and experience the stunning seafood of Japan. Masses of young adults share this sentiment, but travelling is often expensive and out of reach. However, many of these experiences can be replicated closer to home and for a lot less with JetBlue’s low fares. You might not have the $15,000 needed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this year, but you can climb a 20,000’ volcano in Ecuador for under $2,000 during spring break. Let’s make it happen!

What it does

Our IOS app begins with the user providing a photo of a place that they would like to visit on a specific date, it can be a faraway place in the South Pacific or just a friend’s vacation photo on Instagram. We extract key characteristics of the destination using Google’s Vision API. Then, the characteristics are used to match the user with a destination that closely resembles the one shown in the original photo. This is done by comparing keywords with a dataset we created by using JetBlue’s destinations list, a common set of tourism characteristics, and synonyms that we found the API to use. Finally, using JetBlue’s low fares, the user is given a result of the 4 cheapest, and most suitable destinations on their chosen date. They also get a couple of points of interest for each destination as a bonus. Affordable vacation planning made easy!

How we built it

We began by looking for an API that would help us with image processing – this resulted in choosing Google Vision to generate key words for any given destination. Then, we compiled a large dataset of destination information to compliment the JetBlue low fares spreadsheet. Afterwards, we set up a local server with the flask Python library and an easy to use, clean, IOS app for a user-friendly experience.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a dataset large enough to handle accurate destination suggestions. Optimizing performance in a sub-optimal internet connectivity environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Significant usage of the JetBlue low fares dataset Building a functional IOS app with a high degree of practicality, and user friendliness Accurate and interesting destination results Low fares!

What we learned

Flask, Ngrok, Google Vision API, JSON

What's next for TrueBlue Adventures

We hope to expand TrueBlue Adventures to cover JetBlue's entire network. Fully functioning date picker and airport selection would come with a future booking system.

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