During the pandemic, I have found myself going outside more Aaron and I live near each other and like to go on socially-distanced walks every few days, but we often find ourselves walking along the same paths that we always do. I have the exact same problem with walking my dog, biking around my neighborhood, and running; seeing the same things every time gets boring after a while. We wanted an easy way to go somewhere new every day, so that we don't have to fall into this sort of rut. One thing that I remember fondly from when I was little was a game called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon drops you into an unfamilar world and gives you a chance to explore it incrementally, generating a map of familiar terrain as you go. I wanted to make something like this, but for real life, so I could explore the unknown of my own neighborhood.

What it does

ExplorerBuddy solves the problem of repetitive walks, runs and bike rides by keeping track of the places that you've been to, and giving you new places to go every day. ExplorerBuddy doesn't overwhelm you with a map that you aren't familiar with; instead, it shows you all of the places that you have already explored, and gives you different paths into the unknown. ExplorerBuddy also lets you compete with your friends by collecting treasure which is randomly hidden along the map; as you uncover new terrain, ExplorerBuddy shows you virtual treasure in certain spots, and you can walk to those to collect the treasure. The amount of treasure you have is put into a leaderboard to compete with friends.

How I built it

We used Ionic, React, and Here.JS to make a map phone application. Here.JS allowed us to generate new routes to go down and display them all on a map. It also allowed us to recreate the "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" style that we like so much.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble integrating our map with our user interface, since Ionic is built in Javascript and the Javascript SDK that we used for Here.JS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for ExplorerBuddy

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