Inspiration Our team studies at BMCC, which is next to the World Trade Center. Because of this we always see tourists getting lost and asking for directions. According to NYC & Company in 2016, NYC had 60.5 million visitors in one year. As locals, we always observe tourist’s going to the same exact places and although this digital era provides excellent maps, we wanted to make NYC become alive. NYC has too many places and everyone can help a tourist reach a famous destination but only locals know the information that brings NYC special which will make NYC more interesting and exciting.

What it does NYC Explorer will allow users to set up tour-routes by simply providing their location and a destination, with accurate navigation and augmented reality visualization. In addition, NYC Explorer serves as a social media app where users can upload pictures and tag their location allowing the rest of the users to simply click on the picture and begin their new journey. The NYC Explorer app will also allow users to filter their search fields by each borough. Furthermore, by pressing the AR button users experience augmented reality rout navigation, building information, and historical background. NYC Explorer is only the beginning, imagine the possibilities, LA Explorer, Miami Explorer, Philly Explorer. This is the future of maps.

How we built it We built and tested the app and website using, Software: Android Studio, Django, Brackets, Cloud 9, Pycharm Languages: Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Kotlin

Challenges we ran into Throughout the Hackathon we ran into technical errors. The computer of one of our member’s sadly began to freeze and he was not able to finish his work. In addition, the internet was also a major stepback, without the internet we were not able to share our work to GitHub and we weren’t able to find much information. Although computers did not work, and the internet collapsed we still managed to make a small DEMO, of course, thanks to Hotspots.

Accomplishments that we're proud of As a team, we are proud of working together and without any conflicts. But we are mostly proud of being part of the Hackathon and working along so many great minds. We are proud of making an app that helps visitors see our community the way we all see it, home. And of course of not giving up when challenges thwarted our path.

** What we learned ** Throughout these past 3 days we have learn a lot of coding, but what it is more important we learnt to work as a team, to work along other members from different CUNY schools and we learned that we are capable of creating apps that can have an impact in the world. This Hackathon taught us that nothing is impossible, all we need is coffee and a hotspot.

What's next for Explorer_NYC is to build the similar application for each city and town in the world.

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