The tourism sector in a country like DRC is often blocked by prejudices and old narratives about war and epidemics. With this in mind, we decided to tell the world a new story about a country that has so much to give in terms of tourism with an application that allows even the most skeptical to plan visits to breathtaking locations and preview the beautiful places through VR and AR technologies.

What it does

Explorer AR is an application that connects tourists and pupils to a whole range of tourist sites, allowing them to preview the sites in question using VR and AR technologies.

How we built it

Explorer AR is made up of 2 main parts, The first one includes the backend made in nodejs and graphql in order to send back the different data as well as the management of the incoming data, the second part includes the frontend which are made in flutter for the tourists and a part in reactjs for the students and the schools for a learning. The related technologies used are model viewer and AR Core, BabylonJS

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we faced during this competition were mostly related to learning the technical tools to use on the prototypes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are delighted to have prototyped our idea and learned a lot about the development of technical solutions on 3D objects as well as augmented reality solutions and virtual ones

What we learned

During this training and during the hackathon we learned a lot about augmented reality, virtual reality, extended reality

What's next for Explorer AR

For the future we intend to develop the project and make it usable for a layer of the population and thus make it profitable and provide a palliative solution to the problems cited in our introduction

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