The travel problem your project solves, including challenges

Hi, we are Exploreco. We help wildlife conservations to run online tours and attract donations during the pandemic and beyond. We tackle two Trave/Scrum challenges: Sustainability, as well as Experiences.

The lockdown is a big challenge for hundreds of wildlife conservations. There's no income from visitors anymore, donations also go down, while these organizations still have to protect the wildlife, care about the animals and people. Moreover, lockdown provokes more poaching on their areas, increase of illegal timbering and other negative factors.

Our Solution and what it does

To help wildlife conservations and sanctuaries to attract money, during the weekend we’ve built Exploreco, a platform for online tours, behind the scenes visits and interviews, so people who help wildlife can show their life and work, raise money and attract new supporters.

How did you build it?

On the hackathon we’ve created a working prototype of the platform: design and UX, tour description and participant registration, donation payment processing, and we’ve run a demo tour with me broadcasting live from the mountains, acquiring the first 30 viewers. We’ve reached more than 10 conservations and received positive feedback from 3 of them already. We also received meaningful advice from a dozen of experts.

To build it, we connected design on Wordpress CMS with streaming engine from StreamYard and Restream, and connected the payment engine from Paypal for initial MVP. You can try it out at

What are you proud of?

A strong side of Exploreco is that using a single platform we can run paid tours with restricted access, as well as public free tours for donations with streaming to Facebook and Youtube. It allows us to combine financial income as well as reaching a bigger audience.

Unlike other platforms for online tours, we focus on trustworthy wildlife conservations. We’ve been working on strong standards, using the data from World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic Society, Blood Lions and other organizations, to ensure that money go to the right people and support a good cause. Our research shows that there’s at least 1500 trustworthy wildlife conservations and sanctuaries worldwide, so the market size is promising. In future, we can use these standards for selling offline tours to verified suppliers as well.

What is the next step for your solution and how will you take that step?

We plan to implement a subscription model for a long-term support, like Patreon for nature. Also, in future we will connect with more partners, like indigenous culture centers and other non-profits worldwide. We also plan to invite influencers and celebrities as online tour hosts to attract a wider audience.

We are Exploreco, and we believe that online tours are a great way to fund purposeful missions, and to promote responsible tourism.

Thank you

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posted an update

By the way, we are preparing our first online tour with a conservation in the Amazon selva of Ecuador! They run Sumak Allpa - a rehabilitation program for monkeys that were captured for sale. Their founder is now preparing the program and we'll update our website soon. And by the way, the online tour is free, so you can meet them and decide if you want to support their program. Subscribe to our updates at and we'll let you know when we go live from Ecuador!

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