I wanted to celebrate the return of Crew Dragon Demo 2 and in the same time improve my Vanilla-JS skills so I started to create a game which a astronaut will need to travel around the moon and gather samples for scientific research.

What it does

It is a simple game where the player (blue dot) explores the surface of the moon to search for rocky materials and gather them back for research.

How I built it

I only use 3 different languages, HTML5, CSS3 and mainly Javascript. I also wanted to learn how all the things come together so I decided not to use any libraries or frameworks.

Challenges I ran into

It is hard for me to code because I am not a software engineering student or engineer (I'm a product designer). So learning the logic and computational thinking used up a lot of my time. Unfortunately, I am not able to create the best experience for the game because I lack some of the logic inside the code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Still, I am able to build a decent enough UI and in the same functional game where player can go around and interact with items on the moon.

What I learned

A lot of Javascript logic and functions. Flexbox is also a new thing for me.

What's next for Explore the Moon

  1. Better graphics of course! I wanted to create the 8 bit effect but I don't know how to on the web.
  2. More Space Quest on the moon
  3. Maybe even Mars!

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