To attract younger audiences to care more about nature while leveraging the power of social media to empower advocacy.

What it does

Our app uses geolocation to drop user-submitted pins on landmarks, natural parks, and other natural wonders. The pins, when clicked, pop up short blurbs about the locations. From there, users can take photos at these locations and donate to help preserve and fund programs that protect the land with the click of a button. Taking a picture at these landmarks generates a badge that proves you were there and contributed donations. The intent is to use social media such as Instagram to get people interested about the wonders of the outdoors and do their part to obtain a badge and help the wilderness. The badges can be easily shared and will also stay on the user's profile (in a future implementation).

How I built it

Leveraging a dedicated front-end and back-end team, the mobile app was written primarily in React Native, python, MongoDB, pymongo, geopy, and utilized the DocuSign and Google Maps APIs.

Challenges I ran into

Lacked time to implement a few of the core features, such as badges. A few issues working with APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a working app that is what we envisioned with minor need to compromise our goals.

What I learned

It takes a significant amount of time to create everything we would have liked, but we are proud of what we accomplished nevertheless.

What's next for Take A Hike

Features to add: -Badge feature -Let park rangers know where people are -Mapping out 3D map of national parks to help less experienced explorers -Navigate to lesser known spots

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