In this modern times, we thought of re-creating a fun and interactive Indian tourism website which will attract more tourists towards the "Incredible India". All the states are unique and have their individual websites for tourism. Many tourists are not aware about it so it inspired us to build "Explore India with us" the all-in-one guide.

What it does

Explore India with us provides a unified platform as a guide for tourists coming to India. India is a big and diverse country which has 28 states and 8 union territories. All of them have their own tourism sites. With our website, travelers can get travel information of any state in just one place. We also have embedded an interactive chat-bot which will guide the travelers during their visit in India like road trips, famous attractions, facts, history etc., and make their India journey remarkable.

How we built it

The main attraction of the website is DialogFlow powered chat-bot assistant. We have trained our chat-bot agent with many queries regarding travelling in India, for instance, the chat-bot can tell you tourist attractions in Gujarat, suggest road-trips, tell you brief history about Indian subcontinent etc., and many more. NOTE: The chat-bot is still under training phase. The beautiful UI is built with pure HTML and CSS with smooth animations.

Challenges we ran into

DialogFlow was a completely new platform for us. We learned and we built the chat-bot for our website during this hackathon period, which was an exciting challenge we took and completed!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Keeping in mind the "Make in India" campaign, we are proud of having built this site to boost tourism.

What we learned

We initially had no idea how to make a chat-bot. We watched YouTube tutorials and analyzing the docs on DialogFlow and we built this amazing chat-bot from scratch. We also explored the Beta version features of DialogFlow Messenger and integrated it with our project.

What's next for Explore India With Us

Our future plans are to train the chat-bot to handle all types of user queries and give best end-user response.

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