When people are looking for a vacation place, they don't usually know in advance where are they going to travel. They love to choose... They search different countries by looking at the map, looking for things to do in this country and looking up the price of the flight to some city, hotels and car rental. We've developed 'Explore Country' to make the process of choosing the country to travel simple and enjoyable.

What it does

'Explore Country' allows you to select some country on the map that you potentially may visit. Then you can observe things to do in different cities of the country. At the same time you can see the minimum flight price, hotel price and car rental price to this city. Finally you can easy book your tickets, hotels and car on Expedia, just in one click!

How we built it

We've built web application using client side JavaScript. We were using jQuery and Foundation frameworks; Expedia and Google Maps api. We've also got the list of international airports from API.

Challenges we ran into

Expedia flight API supports only US and Canada airport codes. We didn't find any convenient way of selecting a country on the map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement essential parts of our project during first half of Saturday:) It helped us to concentrate on UI improvements. We had productive discussions and were able to split work and then combine it successfully. Our parents liked colorful pictures and they wanted to use our app:)

What we learned

Improved team work skills. Learned that some things are essential and some details should be postponed. Great APIs: Expedia, Google Maps, We learned some great places to visit during our next vacation:)

What's next for Explore Country

1) The price information should be coming from aggregation service like google/flights 2) We should allow to book tickets on different services (other than Expedia) 3) Looks like TripAdvisor has more appropriate 'Things to do' information. We may consider adding TripAdvisor info to our 'Things to do' page. 4) We want to help user plan the trip. That's why we need full info about prices of flights, hotels and car rentals and great tools for choosing best route of travel. 5) Include deals info 6) Add weather forecast for all countries.

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