We have been talking a lot on sustainability at home with my husband and son and so that is where I was thinking. Apart from that climate changes made a big impact this year in California

What it does

Currently it is just doing an exploration of openai but the easy entry that openai offers for any application has been awesome to explore.

How we built it

This was my first time getting exposure to open ai and initially I spent a lot of time in the playground. Have made it in Google colab to make calls and customize.

Challenges we ran into

Was trying to get to figure out how to use the engine and use the key safely. Still figuring out to creating easy interfaces using code examples and code generations to build something fast.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the chatbot in google colab works using open ai model davinci-instructional-beta

What we learned

openai api

What's next for Exploration with Open AI tools

Creating more specific content in sustainability usage.

Built With

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