We couldn't find the cookies. Well, that's not exactly true. Led by the wafting smells of sugar and spice, surged on by the torrent of hungry teens rushing to the baked goods, today the cookies were fairly easy to find. But on a normal school day with seven classes to hurry to, with last-minute homework to fill out and friends to chat, it can be hard to stop or remember where events are happening around the school. However with ExploraDora, a new app powered by MIT App Inventor, these problems are easily solved through innovative software that uses GPS sensors to help the user easily save their location along with an event note.

What it does

This app shows you your current location and saves certain events in the phone's memory. This can be easily accessed at the bottom of the application. Then, this app links to Google maps with a tap of a button for quick access to directions between your current location and saved destination.

How we built it

We used a location sensor in MIT app inventor, which with we could find our address, coordinates, and more. We accomplished our programming through the use of blocks with statements and methods. We first used text boxes to get user input describing the event, which was stored in the phone's memory with TinyDB1. To find directions between points, we used Google Maps to show a concise route.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we tried to make a website with a server. Unfortunately, our server did not work and we did not have enough previous experience and knowledge in the HTML or CSS language to proceed onwards. After our initial struggles, we switched gears and decided to make a mobile app using MIT App Inventor 2, which teammates were more familiar with. This interface allowed for quick building and access to many sensors and structures to use at our disposal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with a nice background idea, and was able to learn different languages and methods. We were able to finish our app, and we believe that our first hackathon was a great experience!

What we learned

We learned that there are a lot of aspects of a hackathon event that can be very challenging, such as the limited sleep or time restraint. We learned many different coding languages such as HTML and CSS3 at this event. It was a great experience to learn and practice time management skills. It was also a fantastic opportunity with many available resources to expand our coding mindset.

What's next for ExploraDora

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