The user logs in to the ItinX app with their social networking login. User has photos of hills, parks, water, a brisket sandwich, paella cooking in a skillet, a mojito and salsa dancing (with his sister) on his accounts/pages. User “likes” Bob’s Sporting Goods, Lacrosse & Music. ItinX uses the Personality Insight & Visual recognition APIs to build the following itinerary for the trip. Hiking on Diamond Head Summit Trail on Monday from 2-5 with Le’ahi Trail Blazers Club and provides sunrise and sunset times for each day. A Royal Hawaiian Lu'au - Aha'aina Dinner and Dance show on Wednesday from 7-10 at The Royal Hawaiian Resort. A demonstration of how to make a Blue Hawaii cocktail at the Tropics Bar & Grill on Saturday afternoon at 4 PM with dinner and music afterwards. The user is able to get directions and transportation options to each location. The user is able to rate each experience. The Language Translator API provides local lingo/ frequently used terms in the Hawaiian/Polynesian language for each activity.

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