Ever felt that Ethical Hacking resources are hard to find? Every wanted more practice for these challenges - you already did all of hackthebox? We got you covered.

What it does is a Ethical Hacker resource. It is made to be quick, easy, and efficient.

How I built it

We used Apollo GraphQL and React to give an organic/seamless experience.

Challenges I ran into

For once, this challenge was pretty straight forward. The only point I wasn't able to finish because I took myself too late was a full kubernetes implementation...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is probably the cleanest website I've designed and built. Have a look at the animations - pictures only represent a fraction of the beauty.

What I learned

Ethical Hacking is, even after research, hard to come across. I've met people who are also interested and feel the lack on it in education.

What's next for

I'd like to bring into classrooms to get students into Ethical Hacking. There isn't enough of studies and in industry, you have to be a good red and blue hat to make secure software/systems.

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