Inspiration: As students who will be living off-campus next year and currently, we have to deal with the situation of buying our own groceries and saving as much money as we possibly can in all areas. This app could be an ideal way to keep track of the food in your house to avoid food wastage. Another take we had while building this project was the ecological side of it and how we all hold an individual responsibility to minimize food waste, and the amount of garbage we put out in the world to do our part in reducing global warming.

What it does: Takes in expiration dates and stores them in a database, which feeds back alerts to the user warning them of items of food they own that are fast approaching their expiration date.

How we built it: We used a python library called tkinter to create user interface for the python code we built to support our idea. We used json and csv libraries to manage information surrounding the food in our databases.

Challenges we ran into: The biggest challenge we ran into was figuring out the most effective simplistic way to design a user interface that could align in the way we wanted with our back-end code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: As a team we are proud of our ability to break the project down into components and work independently or in smaller groups for long periods of time before coming back together near the end of our time to work together once again in piecing together our project and refining it to an end product we are all satisfied with.

What we learned: We learned the importance of the skills you can learn at a hackathon and use your experiences here to project your personal story and capabilities to potential employers in the future. We also learned more about key software's we will continuously use throughout our lives and in the near future.

What's next for ExpiryMate: We would definitely like to implement features such as suggestive api which could give out recipes based on the foods closest to expiration, image recognition so you can quickly upload dates to the databases, minimizing the work required by the handler.

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