Our goal in mind was to create an app that reduces food waste, benefiting the user as well as the environment.

What it does

The application allows you to track the expiration date of your food and displays a data representation of those items so you know what to eat first, saving food and $$$! You can either use the camera and let the phone detect the item you purchased or you can enter the item name manually. The app will pick the expiration date from the database and add it to the tracker.

How we built it

We made the application in Android Studio, using the Google Cloud Vision API for the food detection through the camera. The database was scraped off multiple websites and merged into a JSON file.

Challenges I ran into

Every second of life is a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got into ConUHacks

What I learned

If you're gonna use a programming language you haven't touched in 3 years, maybe you should practice a bit beforehand.

What's next for Save the Food!

Implement a calendar based system Improve the object detection metrics as they can be innacurate for obscure items. Expand the database of expiration dates.

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