My Project is inspired from my lightback to my weekly budget I wanted to create a app that can help me to have expense tracker. To track my expenses and give me a weekly chart view and help me know my Expenses.

What it does

ExpeTrac is a simple Expense Tracker Tracks your expenses all over the week and view your chart based every day Expenses.

How we built it

Expetrac is built using Flutter is a Framework that uses Dart as an Programming Language it builds a Desktop, Android , iOS and Web App and ExpeTrac is a Web-App is deployed over Github Pages and to shorten the large link of github pages I have used Godaddy Registry which works like a Url Forwarding from

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into is some errors while coding and some problems during Deployment and Url Forwarding

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My Accomplishment is now i can track my expenses.

What we learned

I have learned some new concepts of Dart and How Deployment works.

What's next for ExpeTrac

ExpeTrac will have a new UI and some features some will auto-fetch the transactions from the messages and give suggestions where we can save our money and to create a android app and the app is missing with saving data I will club it with a Database.

Built With

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