Table of Experts On-Site

This time around, we are expanding the, "marketing table," concept out to include an entire table of experts who can help with various technologies that you may need to build your device!

Current Roster

iOS Developer

Jaim Zuber, Principal at Sharp5 Software

3D Printing / CAD / General Creativity Support from CoCreateX

Nicholas Powley, Founder CoCreateX & Open Design Forum Inc.

General IoT Expert

Rob Faludi, Author of O'Reilly Series Book, "Wireless Sensor Networks."

Electronics Expert

Rod Landers, Founder of Spectrum Design, & Multiple Startups, Former CEO Multi-Tech, Previously at Honeywell, Motorola, Etc.

Web, Ruby on Rails, Server-Side Software

John Malone

Marketing, IoT Startups

Sameer Kumar, Co-Founder HabitAware, #iothackday 2014 participant

Jay Myers, Founder Termi.Co, #iothackday 2015 participant

Built With

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