Where we got the spark?

No one is born without talents. We all get this situation in our childhood, No one gets a chance to reveal their skills and gets guided for their ideas. Some skills are buried without proper guidance, we don't even have mates to talk about it and develop our skills in the respective field. Even in college if we are starters we have trouble in implementation. So we started working for a solution to help others who found themselves in this same crisis.

How it works?

Connect with neuron of your same kind From the problem faced we are bridging all bloomers on respective fields to experts, people in same field who need a team mate (or) a friend to develop the idea along. They can become aware of source needed to develop themselves in that field by the guidance of experts and also experienced professors. We can also connect with people all over globe using language translator, this makes us feels everyone feel native.

How we built it

1.Problem analysis: We ran through all problems all over the globe in the field of education and came across several problems and we chose a problem that gives solution for several problems. 2.Idea Development: We started to examine the problems and lack of features and solution for topic we chose and solved all queries as much as possible and developed it as much as we can. 3.Prototype development: We developed a working prototype and got a good experience developing it.

Challenges we ran into

Our plan is to get our application to every bloomers and expertise, but what will make them to join in our community. It will be hard to convince them that our application will help them to learn new things.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The jobs which are currently popular may or may not be popular after 10 years. Our World will always looks for a better version of our current version . We are satisfied that our idea will help 100's of children like us who don't even know about the new things in todays new world. Our application may help them to know the things earlier than usual. Which may help them to lead a path in their interest. We are proud that we are part of their development.

What we learned

We learnt that many people are suffering from lack of help for their idea/project and we felt useless when we learnt this. So we planned to build an web application for them to help with their project/idea with experts and same kind of their own. So, Guidance is important. No one is born pro We learnt how to make people understand new things based on the interest of study by guiding them through the path of their dream.

What's next for EXPERTISE WITH

We're planning to advertise about our web application through all social medias and help all the people who are not able to get help for development their idea/project and implement from all over the world. to the world.

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