Legal writing is one of the most complicated and ambiguous languages for the common person to understand, getting legal help can be a daunting experience , hese are the main faced problems when you need a legal advice :

• High cost of the legal advice : getting a legal expert can be so expensive .

• Information accessibility : unsure if you can easily access to the legal advice you researched on search engine.

• Availability of the experts : Many law expert are not available instantly and you should book a meeting with them in average two weeks.

• Clarification : law language is very complicated for the human brain. That’s why law fails to reach to the common people.

• Data Integrity : unsure that the legal advice is accurate and updated from an authorized source.

• Time consuming : difficult to find a lawyer with the specific and right expertise to advice you.

What it does

We have created a chatbot that answers all you related law question and he can understand natural language making it easy for you to find trusted answers without dealing with the complexity of the law

How we built it

Using we have been able to extract various information from documents and users. A user will be able to Authenticate and ask his question using natural language voice or text the intent is then extracted with and Rasa through a personalized dialogue with the user: with this type of exchange, the user's legal needs are better understood before sending the user entity to the backend. The received data is classified into different topics and documents, we analyze every document using expert AI in order to extract various information (such lemma, keyphrase...), after we save the processed data in our knowledge database, combining this with the user input we can match the intention and return the best possible answer.

Challenges we ran into

matching the entity of a user with our processing data which we achieved at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we guide the user through exchanges to refine the need and provide contextual and personalized information for all law-related issues

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