Employers face an inhibition towards hiring fresh graduates into a different stream since these students are not 'work ready' (i.e) not having enough practical experience. We believe trust is the most important factor before you dive into a new experience of your life. This waiting list is your chance to explore how we work, companies you could earn an experienceship at, your benefits and why we are the best you could get.

What it does

Experienceship has been working on this opportunity to provide the students a chance to discover, upskill and learn from our “five-step” resource-enriched, immensely-supportive learning environment feature. We are an early stage launchpad to help students from various backgrounds transition into a various non technology & technology careers. We’ve noticed it (still) isn’t as easy to do this and are hoping this experiment of connecting early talented & vetted candidates to high-quality startups in various tech & non tech positions for internships/full time. Our aim is to disrupt the traditional recruiting process using job descriptions.

Let every student experience the day-to-day work of your organization You receive tasks that simulate what professionals do in industry Decided to take a student-centric approach to understanding the recruitment process.

How I built it

I started by doing a rough sketch invision studio with some elements and reference website designs. Used some integration like Memberstack for user login's, CMS Collections for posting the experiences, zapier to connect CMS & monitoring each user's task and used Jetboost for filtering.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was prioritising the product features as the idea was broad and need to compromise on features and only build what are feasible to build within in time constraint and left other improvement and features for future iterations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to finished my MVP in such a short time and gave life to my idea, that made me so happy & proud.

What I learned

I learned the power of nocode and importance of integrating add-ons to a webpage, which also thought anyone can implement idea within 24hrs without developer constraints & dependency.

What's next for Experienceship

We are planning to refine the few design aspects and mobile version experience of this site before launching the product. Goal is to onboard companies to host experiences and help students to take better decision to choose their job career.

Aim : We aim to build practical career skills and gain experience that will actually be used in day-to-day work to increase their understanding of different careers.

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