We were inspired to create this Web app by the struggles and sacrifices small business have made for the greater health of the public.

What it does

Our web app allows users to support local restaurants by viewing a feed of nearby resteraunts, view their stories and how they are adapting to the pandemic.

How we built it

We used Flask for the backend. We get the user's location, use Google Places API to find local restaurants and then send that data to the REACT front end through an HTTP endpoint. Firebase is used for user authentication.

What's next for Experience Local

We ran out of time for a few things so we could only implement mockups in Figma but we'd like to code it in the future.


Creating an authentication system. Designing the Layout using grid systems Creating a modal for restaurant story Integrating Google Place API

Things we are proud of

Creating a platform for small business to share their experience and creating a modern User interface connecting Google Places API with Firebase!

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