VR is an awesome new technology, but is limited in its capabilities of transforming reality. While it's great to experience visual feedback, true experiences involve both visual and physical feedback. We wanted to improve existing VR to include those capabilities.

What it does

Experia provides a completely immersive VR experience, with visual AND physical feedback. As you explore scenes on the Google Cardboard, heat pads, fans, vibration motors, and more allow you to engage with physical sensations, making each scene come alive.

How I built it

We built a Google Cardboard app for the iPhone using Unity and Xcode that communicates via WiFi to an Intel Edison on a headpiece attached to the Google Cardboard, and XBees on two arm pieces containing heat pads, fans, and vibration motors.

Challenges I ran into

Communication -- It was difficult having all the separate pieces talk to each other.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Executing all the individual parts of our idea. Attempting a difficult hardware hack.

What I learned

How device communication works. VR Development.

What's next for Experia

Applications! This technology can be used in training for military personnel, firefighters, or other high risk careers, exposure therapy, autism therapy, etc.

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