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Tracking expenses can be difficult but it is valuable - so with newest technologies we made it easy helping you to build up the habit and control your daily life.

Expenses Guru is intelligent expenses’ tracker. It combines easy way to:

  1. track expenses on-the-go;
  2. review and supplement on the web;
  3. turn expenses tracking into your habit.

Features of Expenses Guru:

  • simple sign-on;
  • right notifications at the right time;
  • fast and easy input;
  • smart statistics;
  • immediate synchronization;
  • data safety backed by ISO 27001;
  • intelligent merchant and category guesses;
  • geolocation determination;
  • international currencies;
  • adjustable categorization.

User benefits: New, simple and smart way how to control expenses and build up a valuable habit.

Samsung benefits: New app for Samsung wearable tech that users would use often and would allowSamsung Gear to better integrate throughout person’s daily activities.

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