Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Financial Problem happen everywhere. so i have t plan develop a Common Man Financial App. 

What it does

  It's have Optimization Engine is heart and its run by Julia compiler. 

Working Procedure

  1. JuMP Constraint based Optimization
  2. constraint 1--> sum(schedulingAmount)= Total Amount
  3. Constraint 2--> Each day Spending Amount for each type= 100%
  4. Objective function Min, (sum(w*xd)-Amount) where w--> percentage of each type xd--->perday spent Amount
  5. display in Graph
  6. Link with WebIO

How I built it

 1. using Julia language and little-bit HTML 5
  It's only Temporary use.

Challenges I ran into

 I'm New to Julia language, so its really challenging task, with less than 20 days, understand and study most of the library and implemented. Major challenge change to cloud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  Most Interested Data Science/Machine Learning Platform Startup.

What I learned

  1. Julia Language Structure
  2. Work with Windows and Ubuntu
  3. Web Technologies
 4. Cloud Technologies

What's next for Expense Scheduler

 Try to Resolve
  1. Initial Latency of Web page load is high
  2. Initial Compilation time also High

Built With

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