Sashco came up with the idea since he had to manually record the totals for hundreds, even thousands of receipts, and having it automated really would have helped him. As for the Subscription Manager, that was an idea we all discussed and thought of together.

What it does

It's a web application that manages your expenditures. It manages your subscriptions for you, and sends you an SMS on the registered mobile number 7 days before the renewal date. You can also input URL of images of receipts and it automatically scans the image and separates out the useful info like the merchant name and the total of the bill. It helps you manage your monthly expenses.

How we built it

Using all the tools mentioned above, and by using We used Azure's advanced, state-of-the-art, ultramodern machine learning algorithms to scan a receipt for data, which can then be downloaded by the user in a CSV file. As well, we used the Vonage SMS API to send the user text messages near the upcoming payment date. We used Python with Flask to code the back-end, with highly customized and stylish HTML and CSS for the front-end. We used a sqlite3 database to hold user information, services, and receipt info. We utilized Fullcaldendar.js and Canvas.js for the calendar and the pie chart.

Challenges we ran into

Azure was very confusing, but we managed to figure it out with hard work and determination. Dates are surprisingly difficult to work with, and we had to restrict the services to only monthly. 3/4 of us had never used Flask before, so that in itself was a challenge. We also submitted with 30 seconds remaining which was quite stressful, but that might be on us.

What's next for Expenditure Manager

Multi-receipt support. Interval support for subscriptions. As well, we would like to provide better analytics for receipt use, as well as spending predictions or recommendations. We also want to create a better archive for the receipts, that would allow you to view all of them or delete.

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