💡 Inspiration

  • Most people don’t learn how to manage their personal finances, as our parents or education system don’t teach it to us.
  • However it is crucial for the future generation to be more financially literate than us.
  • So I thought that an educational application to teach young women, from elementary to high school, on personal finance.
  • We wanted to focus mostly on females because, according to investgirls.com, 12% of girls feel confident about making financial decisions. I wanted to provide an application that can help empower them to feel confident while making financial decisions.
  • Topics I wanted to include were managing finances, setting up a credit card, budgeting, opening a savings or checking account, investing, and any other topics we wish we knew about at a young age.

💻💰 What it does

  • Expendia allows women to learn about personal finance in a gamified environment.
  • There are three sections for money management: spending money, using money at the bank, and working for money. *Expendia starts you off with some cash in the bank and some debit money on your account.
  • It alerts you when you’ve made unhealthy financial decisions by giving you tips, such as checking your expense journal for possible overspending or checking external resources.
  • When you make healthy financial decisions, it rewards you with badges. Badges allow you to level up and make more advanced personal finance decisions.

🔨 How we built it

Technologies Used

Google Docs & Draw

  • We used google docs during the ideating & brainstorming phase.
  • We used Google draw to map out features & MVPs.


  • We made the design system & branding on Figma (color, typography, etc.).
  • Then, We made wireframes.
  • Lastly, We made low & high-fidelity.

Design Process

  • Problem: We don’t learn how to manage our personal finances from our school or parents, making us lack confidence when making financial decisions.
  • Question (HMW): How might we improve the way we learn & understand financial literacy concepts?
  • We will need to: Bring an application that allows us to practice financial decisions in an easy-to-understand and fun way.
  • Solution: An educational application that allows women to learn how to manage their personal finances in a gamified way,
  • Impact: The future generation will be more financially literate & confident strengthing our overall economy & general way of life.
  • User Personas: See Slides
  • Main audience: Females, ages 10-18
  • How our app meets the needs of the various audience: For females -provides them a fun and easy-to-understand application to inform them on a plethora of financial topics. For parents -provides an easy way to help their kids to learn how to manage their finances without them, as parents, lifting a finger. For general public -the upcoming generation is financially literate strengthening the general economy.
  • Design System: The user interface was made aesthetically simple, but included trendy characters and emojis for our target audience (10 - 18-year-old girls).

😤 Challenges we ran into

  • Finding teammates to create a project with.
  • Trying to learn code and implement my designs into code.
  • Working on the hack alone, as I am a beginner.
  • Time constraints

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing a useful & impactful project on time despite the challenges stated above.
  • Completing all screens on time and by myself.
  • Making my prototype fully clickable.

📖 What we learned

  • We learned more about user personas & user research
  • We learned more about app design and UI
  • We learned about using my research to create the UX
  • We learned about design systems (typography, color, branding, etc.)
  • We learned a little bit about HTML & CSS even though we weren’t able to implement them during this hackathon

🚀 What's next for Expendia

Expendia does not & will not stop at the end of this hackathon! It will continue with the help of developers & investors. So if you, judge, or hackathon participant know anyone wanting to join in the creation of an educational finance app, let me know! Here's our launch plan:

Part I:

  • Finalize platform and educational functionalities.
  • Initiate outbound marketing and sales.
  • Leverage Gen Z & student ambassadors.

Part II

  • Pilot test in middle schools & student finance programs
  • Integrate user feedback
  • Integrate new features
  • Monetize further

Key Tactics (will be used during the execution in both part I & II)

  • A/B testing of educational features
  • Gradual roll-out (test market)
  • Interactive user feedback cycles

Built With

  • figma
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