Global warming is a big problem in the world today. We didn't want to just do a project without having a purpose. We wanted to come up with something that is beneficial to the environment and contributes to lowering global warming.

What it does

The filter is made with metal and goes on the exhaust pipe. The other end is covered with metal mesh, and the filter contains solid sodium hydroxide. The sodium hydroxide acts as a carbon dioxide "scrubber." It "scrubs" the carbon dioxide out of the air. With the proper usage of this product, we can lower the carbon dioxide emission rates drastically.

How we built it

We built our models using autodesk-fusion-360, which is a 3-D printing software. We 3-D printed out model.

Challenges we ran into

The model didn't come out exactly the way we wanted because there were some measurement discrepancies between the different components that made up our model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first Hackathon, and we are proud to have gotten through with our idea. We were able to utilize all the resources we were provided and were able to 3-D print our vision.

What we learned

We learned that the slightest inaccuracy between measurements in a design for a 3-D model can lead to a large change between our original idea and our final product.

What's next for Expelling Carbon Dioxide

We hope that in the future this product can be used in daily life through application by putting it on the exhaust pipes of vehicles around the world. This project applies to real life because as carbon dioxide emissions increase, global warming’s effects speed up and make the environment more unlivable. With the proper implementation of this carbon dioxide scrubber, carbon emissions can lower drastically, thus slowing down global warming’s effects on the environment. If this device is used on all car exhausts, the cumulative carbon emission of the population can be reduced up 50%. In cities that are attempting to be more environment-friendly, or “green”, this device can help reduce the carbon emissions. It can also be increased in size to be used in factories to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the fumes released.

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