Built at WAC Sprint 2020: Hackathon


The current education hinders two common types of students: the students who excel at a subject after self-education, and the students who struggle with a subject and need extra 1 and 1 tutoring. However, teachers simply don't have the time to focus their effort on everybody who needs help, and most families don't have the money to hire private tutors to teach their children.

What it does

We came up with the idea for an app that motivates students who already know the subject being taught (based on a preliminary test given before the start of a new unit) to teach others. We propose the alternative to those who do well on a lesson on a preliminary test to skip the lessons that day (so they can work on other school work, such as their homework from other classes), but they have to sign up to help struggling students from understanding the concept. This prevents the issue of students wasting their time in class learning something they're already familiar with (and spending their time unproductively), while solving the issue of many struggling students being deprived of the one-on-one attention and help they need in order to thrive.

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