I enjoy the mountains. I enjoy hiking. How can I incorporate what I enjoy, into something everyone can use? How can I incorporate the theme of "Learning Something New"? Oh hey - I'm new to MonkeyC! I'm new to Connect IQ! Why don't I learn those systems, and build a great wearable app in the process! (I'm of the opinion that great wearable apps don't do much by design)

What it does

Start it up when you set out on a new trail - it'll keep track of your GPS coordinates for you. Find something interesting? Run into trouble on the trail? Drop a waypoint! After you've reached your destination, you can save the path you took (along with any waypoints you left) and if you ever want to walk that trail again, you can load up the path and get a notification if you're about to hit a waypoint you marked.

How I built it

Eclipse and the Connect IQ plugin were my developer tools, along with a device emulator for the Vivoactive Watch

Challenges I ran into

Everything was unfamiliar to me - I like to stay in my familiar environment of C, C#, and general Desktop development environments, so working for something that has 64 kb of memory was certainly an experience! While the object orientation of MonkeyC made it relatively easy to learn, I found the quirks of the Connect IQ API were certainly challenging to overcome. I've never developed a mobile app before, or worked with so many types of distributed files in order to write a program!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to get the darn GPS event to go off right. Also just the fact that it compiles!!

What I learned

I feel very confident in my ability to go at it again and start making some Connect IQ apps. At the end of it, I feel like I have a handle on how the API really works with MonkeyC and how relatively simple it makes developing a wearable app if you understand it.

What's next for Expedition

Project still needs to be finalized I think it'll become my pet project... I might get my hands on an Android emulator and make a full-fledged app, with a map and everything. I also don't plan to let go of Connect IQ any time soon - the community interests me greatly, I had a read through the forums and I think I'll have fun there making some apps and watchfaces in my spare time.

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