Whenever one turns on their desktop or phone device, the first thing one sees is the device's lock screen. What if, we provide Expedia to expand it's brand presence, and at the same time, provide user value and interest with dynamic lockscreens and wallpapers?

People want something different, so created an app that dynamically changes your lock screen and wallpaper, every 15 minutes, every day.

What it does

  • Lockscreen and wallpapers rotate every 15 minutes with a beautiful photo, and description of the latest and greatest Expedia deal. Moreover, the picture is from a destination, which Expedia is currently offering various package deals (flight + hotel) on.
  • Enables users to sync to Expedia's app services throughout the Universal App ecosystem and Windows OS, with only a single, great, Universal app. Deploy the app once, and it will work on - Desktop, Xbox, SurfaceHub, HoloLens, Tablets, Smartphones, and IoT devices. It improves both the efficiency and convenience of users getting their travel information the minute they turn on their device. We can track usage with telemetry, by how often the background task kicks off to update the wallpaper and lock screen.
  • Opening the app immediately displays information on hot destinations, including a visual and descriptive introduction of the location, packages featured on Expedia, and 'Things to Do' around the area.

How we built it

-Built from the ground up as a Universal Windows App (UWP)

  • APIs Used
  • $Expedia: Unreal Deals, Hotel Search, Things to Do
  • $Pixabay Image Search API (for high-quality background photos)
  • $Freebase (For city information)
  • $Bing Maps

Challenges we ran into

  • Ramping up on how _ worked.
  • $Background tasks
  • $Updating the text on the lock screen
  • $Setting the wallpaper and lock screen photo
  • $Finding a high-quality source for wallpapers
  • $Finding an App Name

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the lockscreen and wallpaper rotation logic to work! :)
  • Integrating with the Expedia API, and showing the best deals on the lockscreen!

What we learned

  • Learned how Background Tasks worked.. and that there's a 15 minute minimum rotation limit on rotating wallpapers/lockscreens

What's next for SkyFinity

  • Create a parity (web) app so that it works on Android and Apple products.
  • Deeper integration with what the Expedia APIs and/or Expedia app offers.
  • Allows users to set preference on what kind of travelling package they are looking for.
  • Enable photos from other resources besides Pixabay, such as Instagram, flickr, and etc.

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