To create Expanse approval system in Quick base and integrate it with Microsoft technologies like MS Flow and MS Teams to get approval.

What it does

  • Requester will create new Expanse request from quick base with necessary details.
  • Approver will get notification in MS Teams and outlook mail about all details that were entered by requester.
  • Approver can approve/reject request without leaving MS Team or from mail itself.
  • After approval/rejection of this request Requester will get notification for his request in MS Team and mail.
  • Requester can check all of his requests as a Table and a pie chart in Home page of "Expanse Request" app in Quick Base.

How I built it

  • Expanse Approval app is created in Quick base which consist 1 list .
  • Fields, Formulas and Validation are created in this form.
  • 1 webhook is attached with this list that will trigger MS Flow on creation of new item.
  • This Flow will send notification to approver in Mail and in MS Teams.
  • Approver can approver/reject request either from Mail of MS Team.
  • Requester will get notification about approval/rejection of his request in Mail and in MS Team.
  • Requester can check all of his requests in Home page of this app as a pie chart and as a table.

Challenges I ran into

  • As I am new to quick base, need to understand concepts of quick base platform like App, Table, Quick Base api, webhook etc.
  • I need to update record of quick base from flow. For that used user token and quick base api for that. I tried restful json api request from here but not able to update record using this. So, used xml based api request from here for that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to create Expanse approval request system in quick base with integration of Microsoft technologies like MS flow and MS Teams

What I learned

  • Quick Base
  • Quick Base API
  • Quick Base Tables, Formula, Validation
  • Web hook in Quick Base
  • Integration of Quick base with MS Flow and MS Teams.

What's next for Expanse Approval using QuickBase, MS Flow and MS Teams

  • To upload Expanse approval request app in Quick base Exchange.

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