We are inspired by the problem that sometimes it’s hard for us to find people around us to explore our city during the weekend. Essentially, for exploring locally or small group events we need incentives. Our friends are who we want to hang out with and who we can trust their taste.

What it does

Through the user's friend cycle and recommendation, we create an app that facilitates local exploration and event holding. For instance, the user can view potential events on the cycle or the map page which their friends have posted and thrown. They can join the event or find new inspirations on where and when they can visit this place.

How we built it

We use to build it. This is a China company that allows the team's collaborative app development and demoing. Furthermore we have used SwiftUI to implement some parts of our pages.

Challenges we ran into

From project management point of view, it’s hard to find users’ pain points and the specific problems we are trying to solve. Then we need to connect all the dots together and create a smooth UI/UX for our user. Developing an app with really complex functionality requires us to work hard to make every component work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we found a gap - there is no friends base locations/events recommendation app in the markets. Most other apps focus on influencer recommendation, or events holdings that are open to the general public.

What we learned

We learned that we really need to think rigorously and challenge ourselves whether we like our app or a feature and from this mindset push us further to make users' experience better.

What's next for Expander

We are going to deploy it this summer, mainly focusing on SwiftUI with backend. We are excited to have our very first users use it and test it out.


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Built With

  • modao
  • swiftui
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