It is necessitated by the current Covid 19 pandemic where the government has put in place measures/guidelines that require PSVs to have a manifest of their passengers for easier contact tracing, in the event of a positive case being identified among the passengers.

What it does

This project aims at creating a solution that addresses that by:

  • Passenger msisdn as a reliable contact detail
  • Saving time in the collection of customer details
  • Digital storage of the manifest in the cloud
  • Easy acces to the manifest i.e downloadable pdf


Dial *483*129# on your phone. Enjoy!!

How I built it

As it currently is it's built over a two week period from design to working concept. Designing the interfaces with figma was the best decision I made since I had a lot of ease in coming up with github issues and developing at a fast pace with clear goal in mind

Challenges I ran into

  • Connecting services in the cloud e.g database, redis memory store, running container,networking
  • Working with docker and successful deployment
  • USSD set up. My first time working with USSD
  • Handling user session and proper routing during USSD use

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Handling a user session from start to finish
  • Dialing USSD code and seeing it working

What I learned

  • Importance of the design phase
  • Reading product documentation is important

What's next for Expan USSD

Trying a simple trial run / proof of concept with a local Sacco in town

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