41% of Madison County’s population is in a floodway or flood zone containing approximately 62,000 households and 35 schools. Madison County response agencies include the local EMA office, 54 city and volunteer fire stations/departments along with the three police branches of Huntsville Police Department, Madison Police Department, and the Madison County Sheriff’s Division. Our biggest threat from flooding, aside from mother nature, is one county over as Guntersville Dam has potential to flood portions Madison County in a failure situation.

What it does

EXP provides communication resources during times of disaster. In a worst case scenario with all communication lost, EXP operates by sending a drone that provides wifi to affected areas. The drone opens a channel to civilians allowing them to reach the emergency response chat bot that records their location data and relays the chat information through the mission control system. The chat bot asks a series of three questions that aide in determining severity levels. The fourth and final question allows the civilian to provide details. The data is sent to the local end user/EMA office to aide in dispersing first responders. Once first responders arrive, drones continue to evaluate the situation and remain in place to assist rescue operations.

How we built it

Cheap Drone, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, and React

Challenges we ran into

Cheap Drones are unpredictable

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished product that can actually be launched today.

What we learned

The next level of communication is now. Drones and Chat are hard.

What's next for EXP Emergency Services

The Drone will also record real-time photos and be correlated with emergency data analysis to help the EMA responders identify which areas they need to go to first. Adding EVX-Link to provide more options for communication and potentially dropping repeaters into active disaster scenarios. Drone upgrade.


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Chatbot Demo: Mission Control Demo:

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