This idea just come to me, maybe because of Iron Man movie. It actually resembles Iron Mark 1 a little.

ExoArm is supposed to be a stub for a future exo-skeleton aimed at enhancing human strength and damage resistance.

Sebastian and I heard about an ABB scientific group and decided to start with their project of the ExoArm. ABB decided to provide funding for the project. The arm was crafted with "garage-grade" methods and materials.

The main problem with ExoArm is making it fit universally on anyone who would like to wear it. Currently it fits Sylwester exclusively. Another difficulty, unfortunately due to lack of time we found impossible to solve, was making the arm controllers react to commands sent by an Android mobile application through Bluetooth.

All programming work, both on the hardware and the software was created during the AGHacks. Mateusz has attempted to create a "pilot" app on Android, capable of controlling the arm remotely through Bluetooth, while previously knowing only the basics of Java and even less of Android development - and succeeded on 95% of the work.

The future of ExoArm is further development and improvement of the existing project, finishing the pilot app, making the ExoArm work smoother, etc. Eventually, the ExoArm may one day become an... ExoArmor, which with enough funding and expertise could have commercial and military uses.

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