Respiratory diseases are one of the biggest health issues, which cause the patients to suffer severely. However, according to the researchers, many of these diseases can be cured using proper breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can be sometimes tedious and the patients tend to ignore them. And also they may not do these exercises accurately.

So we thought of making these breathing exercises much more enjoyable to the patients. We present to you Exo - gamified breathing exercise experience.

What it does

Exo is presented to the users as a mobile phone app and a portable breathing exerciser, which present a gaming platform. Playing the game helps the patients with respiratory diseases to go through their tedious breathing exercise in an enjoyable and gamified manner.

How we built it

Exo has to main components.

  1. Mobile app
  2. Portable breathing exercise device

These two are connected via wi-fi and gaming platform is enabled with the help of both components.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges while preparing the Exo platform.

*Communication between the device and the app was quite problematic due to packet losses etc.

*One of the biggest problems we faced was the recognition of breathing voices via the portable device, in order to operate the gaming app. We had to do several signal analysis mechanisms such as Fourier analysis in order to properly recognize the breathing sounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Make the device portal or enough to handheld.

  2. Integrated breathing patterns with the gaming environment.

  3. Implemented two types of games which can be used to train the user on breathing exercises.

What we learned

  1. Integrating hardware with software.

  2. Analyzing sound with Fourier analysis.

  3. JavaScript-based game controlling.

  4. Hardware

What's next for Exo

  1. Making the device wearable. Make the device to capture breathing patterns through the ear. When a human breath, turbulences are happening in the ear which could be potentially used in identifying the breathing patterns.

  2. Implement weight loosing exercises.

  3. Implement breath pattern tracking when doing physical exercises like cycling and swimming.

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