Frustrated and getting stuck at exits of train stations.

What it does

We enable users around the world use the right exits in their Subway/MRT/MTR/TUBE stations to get their destinations faster thus saving time, money, space and effort collectively and making a smarter city.

How I built it

We build a layer on top of google maps using places and direction API along with our own webservice providing the exit numbers for the destination. The data collection model is based on wikipedia, where users help key in data. We also use some big data techniques to fill the gap using local government agencies and business.

Challenges I ran into

Currently working only with Google Maps and would like to make it work with Baidu, Bing, Here, Apple etc etc etc

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

No extra hardware required No extra beacons required No more power/battery required No extra memory required Saves battery at the destination station Saves bandwidth for telecoms at destination station Reduce Queue[s] at information points at destination station Creates more space at destination station More space provides happiness and comfort for residents and tourist's

What I learned

The problem is not unique to our city and is common across the world and needs help.

What's next for EXIT

Build native mobile apps to provide seamless experience to users if they don't want to use the webapp.

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