Easily transfer my account details to anybody at ETHWaterloo with an NFT.

Step One - eXistenz and NFT's

I wanted to start pursuing this idea very simply. I decided to approach the function of user accounts and their relationships to other accounts and try to recreate this with the open standard of ERC721.

At this point, the eXistenz Dapp attempts to replicate social media relationships - like Followers, Friends - with open NFTs. Users can transfer NFTs that represent their own account data to create new connections. In turn, EXistenz tokens in a users wallet are read like a list of friends querying the corresponding URI's for related account data.

What's next for eXistenz

Next step is using NFTs to manage various tiers of user's data and finding a way to encrypt that data on backend. I'm excited that using NFTs to manage the relationships between users seems like a real possibility. Moving forward, I would like to expand this idea so that it existed as an open protocol that anybody could build a client on top of.

How I built it

The backend uses a simple ERC721 inheritance running locally on ganache. URI's are hosted on GCP and frontend is react hosted locally.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to run on mobile with Dapp browser.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Looks pretty clean and is a cool use case for NFTs.

Built With

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