Many businesses around the world started working from home, many small businesses closed. In addition, all promotional activities and fairs in the world that offer try, see and discover experience were canceled. The world economy has entered a great stagnation the smallest businesses, start-ups and non-profit organizations have been the ones most affected by this stagnation.

What it does

A social media-based infrastructure platform that will enable promotional activities to be held in digital environment. Users who open stands and promote at events before Covid-19 will be able to open stands at digital events and carry out promotional activities from their homes or offices. In these digital stands, they will be able to perform actions such as brochures, contact information exchange, sample request forms, VR.

How I built it

Web based live stream platform ready for beta version. • Beta of our landing page. • Landing Page. • Prototype.

Challenges I ran into

Live Streaming and Cloud Platforms

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Complete our MVP in line with the feedback of the mentors. Complete our business model. Complet our g oto market strategy. Finish our back-end software. First working beta version of our website. Improving UI and UX.

What I learned

Suitable UI, UX Remote Collaboration

What's next for

First of all, we received two online fair organizing offers in the next month. To realize these online and live broadcast fairs successfully. To add augmented reality technologies to our platform as our vision for the future.

Built With

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